Shirley Sheppard


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      "I love narrative, texture and colour. The sense of evocation that a situation brings to me. These translate into sculpture, painting or drawings.

My sculptures, in clay,based on a moment, a movement, a feeling. They bear the marks of their creation and often the fires they have been subjected to.

In paintings it is the colour of the situation that moves me, how they combine and parry with each other.

Drawings are quick, capturing that moment, especially when drawing musicians and dancers on stage.

I firmly believe in bringing art outside the confines of buildings into the public domain."

My work is at blandscliff gallery and studio, 9 Blands Cliff, Scarborough UK and other selected galleries

Birds House

Whitehall and The Black Hole of Brexit


The conductor


Moonrise at Sunset 1

moonrise at sunset 2

my sunset is someones sunrise


Reaching out

Walking home from the woods

The violinist

At home

The King


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